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You can trace CICD’s history through various costumes. 

These images show costumes used from early 1980s to present in various projects created and performed by Nilima Devi, CICD’s students, teachers and community.

Modelled by current and alumni students of CICD, the archive includes beautiful Kathak, productions and folk costumes.

Costume archive is divided into three categories.




Kathak Costumes |  Production Costumes   |   Folk Costumes


1-7: Model: Chandni Premgi

8-10: Model: Milan Pujara

11-15: Model: Radhika Chavda

16-21: Model: Kanak Durga

22-24: Model: Yordan Nikolov


25-28: Model: Karishma Vora

29-35: Model: Ravneet Kaur

36-38: Model: Meera Patel

39-40: Models: Eesha Vaghela, Vedika Verma & Ishika Parekh

41-44: Model: Liya Mistry

45-46: Model: Eesha Raniga

47-49: Models: Nayana Whittaker & Gita Lakhlani



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