Moving on (2011)


Evaluation Report (click to download)


Table of Contents





1          Introduction and background                                                                    3


 2          Seminar aims                                                                                          3


3           Seminar programme                                                                              4


4          Speakers and Presenters                                                                         6


5          Seminar                                                                                                    7


  • Seminar opening
  • Opening thoughts
  • The future vision and opportunities
  • Break out groups
  • Summing up


    6          Overall Management                                                                               12


    7          Outcomes                                                                                                 12


                      8            Gap and Challenges                                                                                         13                                                                                           

    9          Recommendations                                                                                     15


    10       Acknowledgement                                                                                      16



    National Kathak Conference

    National Kathak Conference

    Held on 29th June 2000, this first National Kathak Conference in Leicester was co-organised with Leicester City Council and Leicestershire and Leicester Arts in Education. Attended by a large number of academics, arts officers, performers, teachers and dance students, this conference provided a unique opportunity for those involved at all levels of South Asian dance development to discuss various topical and long-running issues related to Kathak dance in the UK.

    In particular, the conference was intended to consider the past, present and future direction of Kathak dance teaching in the UK within the wider context of dance developments and to increase the academic profile of South Asian dance in the UK by addressing the deficit of discussion in this field. Furthermore, the conference sought to provide a platform for young dancers and dance practitioners to participate in the discussions and voice their important opinions.

    To download a copy of the Conference Report please click here


    South Asian Dance Conference

    South Asian dance conference

    As part of Nartan festival was held in Leicester at Leicester University on the 10th of September 2005. The conference was aimed at current issues, debates, challenges and practice in South Asian dance in the U.K. It provided opportunity for everyone in the Arts field to have a voice by taking part in open discussions with the speakers, following paper presentations.


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