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 Nilima Devi wins Cultural Champion Award


Nilima Devi, Artistic Director and Creative Producer of the Centre for Indian Classical Dance (CICD), has been selected as a Cultural Champion in the Midlands by Arts and Business. The award is to be presented at a special event which will be held on Thursday 29 March at Castle Bromwich in Birmingham.

Since Nilima Devi moved to Leicester in 1981, she has been working tirelessly as an artist and promoter to enable CICD to develop into one of the UK’s most influential dance organisations.

She has been selected for this prestigious award for committing her time, money, skills and knowledge to developing the cultural life in the Midlands for over 30 years.

The award is presented by Arts and Business to those who it feels have given their support and passion to the development of their local cultural landscape, and which flourishes because of their effort and enthusiasm.

When asked how she felt about the award, she replied “I feel very proud that my artistic dedication and hard work towards promoting the cultural life of Leicestershire and the East Midlands has been recognized.”

Leicester’s councillor and former Mayor, Manjula Sood said “I am very thrilled to hear that Nilima’s work within the cultural community has been noticed and rewarded.”

The organisation’s chair, Prof. Werner Menski said “CICD’s pioneering work would not have been possible without Nilima Devi’s selfless passion for the development of arts and culture at local, regional and national levels.”

Through Nilima Devi’s work, CICD has nurtured more than 20,000 students in the arts of dance and music. CICD has contributed significantly to community cohesion through its diverse range of work, including workshops, classes and public performances.

CICD’s current project, “Karman”, is based on a living history archive and reflects the organisation’s broader interest in sharing the rich cultural and social history associated with South Asian dance and music in the UK.


Editor's Note:

Cultural Champions is an initiative pioneered by Arts & Business in 2009 as a way of honouring those individuals who make great contributions to arts and heritage organisations, whether it be through volunteering, business advice or philanthropic generosity.

Arts & Business is a Business in the Community campaign and registered charity in England (274040).

Arts & Business sparks new partnerships between commerce and culture, connecting companies and individuals to cultural organisations and providing the expertise and insight for them to prosper together.

The launch of the leadership team enables Arts & Business to focus on working with corporate members and promoting their support of cultural projects across the UK.

The charity was founded over 35 years ago on the principles that a strong relationship between the arts and business worlds is mutually beneficial and encourages both to prosper.

In her work, in the art form of Indian Classical Dance, Nilima has nurtured the artistic talent of more than 20,000 students through her many classes and workshops, and has also guided and encouraged advanced performers, some of whom now work at national and international levels.

She has devised, led and participated in many community based programmes which have contributed significantly to community cohesion, many of these are public performances, some such as the Sinjini DVD project and Karman reminiscence project reflect her broader interest in sharing the rich cultural and social history associated with South Asian dance and music in the UK.

Devi also enjoys status as one of this country’s most creative and innovative dancers and choreographers of South Asian classical and contemporary dance, and she has also collaborated and worked with cross-cultural projects featuring other cultural forms, such as Irish dance and music Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 1.


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