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Karman Project

In 2012 CICD launched its archival project called ‘Karman’, funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. A Living Archive project, exhibiting performances and personalities behind thirty years of groundbreaking Indian classical dance in the East Midlands. ‘Karman’ not only documents the achievements of the past but explores how these have affected South Asian dance and arts in the UK over the last forty years.

The archive is available on our website and on Facebook at the following link:


‘Karman’ is an oral history project which celebrates the lasting impact that Indian dance has had on the lives of people in the East Midlands.


‘Karman’ – the Sanskrit word for “works”, “deeds” or “actions” – is the root of the famous Indian concept of cause and effect, as well as our English word

“ceremony”. This project explores how past practice in South Asian dance and music are shaping our society today.


 Throughout 2011, the Centre for Indian Classical Dance (CICD) in Leicester trained and worked with a team of twenty-five volunteer historians. The CICD was the focus for local people to come together, research a book and an exhibition. Without the valuable and generous contribution of our volunteers, ‘Karman’ would have been impossible.


 ‘Karman’ holds the voices of fifty people from very diverse backgrounds, but all equally passionate about Indian dance. Over seventy hours of oral history interviews were recorded. These are now stored at the East Midlands Oral History Archive ( The project also toured from May to November 2012 


Karman was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund 

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